North Shore Paediatric Allergy Centre commenced in 2012 by Dr John Tan in Artarmon.  The clinic has now moved to Chatswood, in the heart of Sydney’s north shore.  We are a dedicated purpose built clinic for children with paediatric allergies and immune deficiencies.

The clinic is easily accesible to all who are coming by both car or public transport, and has been specially designed to provide our children with the best allergy care.  Our staff are heavily involved in the research of paediatric allergy, and our practice and management of childrens’ allergies is based on the latest evidence based literature.

The staff at our multi disciplinary clinic are sub-specialized in the area of paediatric allergy, and are also based at the Allergy and Immunology Department at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Early management of children with allergies is crucial, as avoidance of a wide range foods can result in a child developing further allergies.

Dr John Tan, our principal paediatric allergist and immunologist, specialises in children with allergies who are aged 0-18 years.   He has been trained as a dedicated paediatric allergist, and hence does not see adult patients.  Informing and educating parents is a cornerstone of our practice.

Dr Tan also provides expert advice on feeding and formulas for babies with milk allergies. Starting with the right management, such as the choice of infant formula or particular foods to avoid without using ‘blanket elimination diets’ is crucial in managing a child’s allergies and preventing further allergies from developing.

Wendy Birks, our specialist allergist dietitian, is able to provide expert advice on such children to ensure that they continue to thrive and have adequate nutrition despite their allergies and intolerances.  “Managing children’s allergies takes time, and Dr John Tan provides sound advice in a calm and friendly manner, with adequate time allocated to educate and fully explain to parents their child’s condition and explain the management approach.  Appointments are not rushed, and this is reflected in the appointment times that are allocated for each of our patients.